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Analysis Tool

With a top-tier professional analysis tool, you will not only become a Blackjack Pro, but you can also practice how to decide between risk and return.

Bankroll recharge by Walk

Walking; it is a simple but significant skill human do. Each walk-step is simple but meaningful. Here, we grant
a special position for the walk-steps you make, ensuring the greatest respect.

Card Counting Theory

Experience the classic skill of Blackjack, card counting.

100% Randomness Guaranteed with Random Number Generator (RNG) Certification

RNG certification does not only qualify for Slot machines. We are also certificated with “UK Remote
Gambling and Software Technical Standards” and “Testing Strategy for Compliance with Remote Gambling
and Software Technical Standards.

Wager Strategy

You know the TC, but you have no idea how to wager? Do not worry; we can provide some hints for you.

Bonus Mini Games

Tired? Let us have a break and enjoy a bonus mini-game.


Getting ready? Catch the right moment and put yourself in a better position.

Consecutive Win

After you took the risk, you are worth earning a benefit as a reward.


Each hand will receive two cards while the House only has one face-up card first. The player has to decide what option will be made for their hand and aims to get 21 points or as close as … Discover More

Burn Card: A process that draws the first card from a new card shoe and then further withdraws cards by the corresponding point value of the first drawn card. The shoe can start to play …

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Additional wager option against the House receiving a Blackjack. Players are only offered such a wager option when the House face-up card is an Ace. An insurance wager is established as … Discover More

Double: An option to double the original wager after receiving ANY of the first two cards of a hand and the player will get ONE further card only.

Surrender: After receiving the first two cards, the option to surrender 50% of the original wager and get back the remaining 50%.

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